Danang seeks investors for new industrial parks

The export processing and industrial zone authority IZA Danang said the three IPs are the second phase of Hoa Cam IP in Hoa Nhon Commune, Hoa Nhon IP in Hoa Nhon and Hoa Son communes and Hoa Ninh IP in Hoa Ninh Commune with a respectively area of 125.1 hectares, 405.5 hectares and 400 hectares.

To facility the development of these IPs, the city will be responsible for compensation and site clearance. Le Tuan Khanh, head of the Planning and Construction Management Board, said that after procedures for general planning adjustment are completed as required by the Construction Ministry, the city will invite tenders for the projects.

These parks will prioritize foreign direct investment (FDI) in sectors like electronics, electricity engineering, electrical cable and wire, and optical equipment.

“We encourage investment projects that use green energy and clean technology, save natural resources, and produce environmentally friendly and safe products,” said Khanh, adding those doing harm to the environment would be unwelcome.

When the three IPs are put into operation, Danang will have nine IPs in total with a combined 2,100 hectares. The six existing IPs are Hoa Khanh, Danang, Lien Chieu, extended Hoa Khanh, Hoa Cam and Danang Seafood Service.

Danang’s current IPs are home to 319 local and 100 FDI projects which employ 74,000 local workers.

General view of Hoa Khanh industrial park in Danang - PHOTO: NHAN TAM

Nhan Tam Thursday, May 10, 2018,23:46 (GMT+7)

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