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  • Overview: Tay Ninh is a province that occupies an important position in the strategic development of the southern key economic region. Tay Ninh is very convenient location: adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, a gateway to Cambodia. Go Dau is a district located at the junction between Moc Bai, Tay Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City.

    Tay Ninh terrain is relatively flat, geological construction, good mechanical properties of soil, when building foundation is less expensive, very convenient for agricultural development, industry, trade, service, tourism and Infrastructure.

    The climate of Tay Ninh is relatively moderate, less affected by floods and other adverse factors, favorable for economic development.

  • Location:  Hiep Thanh IP is located at Go Dau District, Tay Ninh Province.

- In the North, adjacent to Rach Giua Canal.

- In the South, adjacent to Rach Son Canal and Go Dau Town.

- The East borders Highway 22B.

- To the west, adjacent to Vam Co Dong river.

  • Traffic:

The project of Hiep Thanh industrial zone in an area with flat topography, convenient in traffic:

- 60km away from from Ho Chi Minh City.

- 35km away from Tay Ninh Town

- 4km away from 22A National Highway  (Trans-Asia road).

- 12km away from Moc Bai border gate.

  • Scale: Hiep Thanh industrial zone has an area of ​​240.9ha. In which:

- Industrial land for lease: 151.68 ha.

- Land for construction of prefabricated buildings: 12ha.

- Service Center: 3.28 ha.

- Trees - parks - sport: 39.38 ha.

- Technical works: 4.45ha.

- Land for transportation: 24.46ha.

- Residential area serving industrial areas: 5.15 ha.

  •   The infrastructure:

Traffic road

+ Internal road and the boundary of industrial zone is 8m wide

+ Asphalt carpet according to modern standards, ensuring container load.

+ Asphalt carpet according to modern standards, ensuring container load.

- Water supply system: fresh water is supplied system from industrial water plant and Dau Tieng reservoir.

- Power system:

+ Total capacity required for the entire 43,840KW.

+ Power source from existing 110KV / 15-22KV station.

+ The 110 / 22KV station is planned to be built in the planning area for electricity supply to the whole area. The station has a capacity of 2 x 25MVA

- Waste water and rain water drainage:

+  Separate waste water and rain water drainage system.

+ Wastewater from factories is preliminarily treated to the standard column C-TCVN before flowing into the sewer system of the industrial park.

+ General wastewater treatment in the industrial zone meets the standard of column A-TCVN.

+ Waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 4,279m3 per day

- Telecommunication: is connected to telecommunication network of Post Office of Go Dau Town, Tay Ninh Province.

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