Industrial Catering


Lunch is a meal between working shifts. To meet the great demand, industrial meals are often produced in large quantity, stable price, suitable to the needs of everyone. TNF - a reputable provider of industrial meals with quality, safe and nutritious meals.

With the absolute assurance of food safety and hygiene, TNF's industrial catering service is highly valued for its advantages such as:

Safe food sources: All food in the meal provided by TNF will ensure a clear origin, are strictly censored from the selection of raw materials. Before putting and process into food to ensure full satisfaction of food safety standards. 

In closed environment, in a clean environment: Continuously invest in upgrading kitchen systems, processing, we are committed to bring clean meals to users.

Management team, professional chef: Owning a kitchen staff are experienced in cooking, periodic health examination and training. TNF's professional catering options can be reassured not only in quality but also in the taste of the food.

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